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Vacation rental property management software is to manage property whether it is your single or multiple properties. You can manage everything from booking your property to payment. The specialty of this software is that it costs less than all other software.

How about a software that is specially programmed for your vacation rental management that is affordable? Rewarding, isn’t it? Our all-in-one vacation home control software program takes care of your bookings, occupancy keeping in mind your choices and preferences.
TechnoSapphire’s software helps you connect with thousands of travel agents to make your planning a truly personalized one to make you feel safe and comfortable, be it your check-ins or handovers. We can also make your job easier by controlling your invoices and payments by making them secure, which you can also upgrade as per your requirements. What are you then waiting for?

Best your property management

Dynamic Website

A dynamic Vacation Rental website aids in adding content very easily such as scripts and templates to easily manage and customize the gallery, calendar and other important aspects of your website.

Invoices and Pending Payments

TechnoSapphire helps you to manage and automate invoices. Providing you an ideal solution, we act as a perfect partner for your property managers.

Customize Reports

Get customize solutions for your plethora of reports to efficiently manage your visitors’ details, patron bookings and pending payments.

Discount Codes & Coupons

Offer special deals to your repeat customers by using discount codes and coupons for fixed time periods or by promoting your business using customized deals.

Notifications & Reminders

You can now set automatic notifications and reminders for your customers to receive confirmation status, bill generation, order cancellation and much more.

Promotional Newletters

Our vacation rental software lets you encourage your guests by customized promotions and offering them rewards based on your customers’ past visit and other usable details.

Rental Agreements and Contracts

TechnoSapphire offers short, quick and easy control of your rental agreements and contracts which can be customized and sent to customers automatically once booking is done.

Update and Sync all Calenders

TechnoSapphire lets you manage reservation calendar with all bookings in order to keep the availability dashboard up-to-date.

Guest Reviews

Get a controlled management of your guest reviews and give your venture a positive image over the internet, thus getting more and more loyal customers both online and offline.

Features Incorporated Vacation rental

Vacation rental software is designed and developed to support Vacation rental property management software companies with customer management, Accounting Management, Guest Reviews/Ratings, Fee/Commission Management and facility maintenance management rental website.

  • Lead Management
  • Client Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Proposal Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Proforma Invoice Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Product / Service Management
  • Finance Management
  • Daily Timesheet Management
  • Project Management
  • Report Management
  • User Role Management
  • Custom Module Management
  • Custom Field Management
  • Dynamic Data Management
  • Brand Theme/Color Management
  • Default Settings Management

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