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Cost reduction and risk management is the primary objective of our fleet management

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Fleet Management

TechnoSapphire Fleet is designed for small and medium business fleet owners. Our solution helps with vehicle management, driver management, fuel management, expense management and other functions specific for fleets. Our intuitive web and mobile applications can help you make informed decisions about your fleet’s health and performance.

Success of corporations is greatly determined by the efficient management of its logistics. Fleet (vehicle) management is one of the most crucial aspects in that. To achieve better results for your logistics, TechnoSapphire’s Logistics Software offers Fleet Management with an array of functionalities such as vehicle maintenance, fuel and driver management and route and asset planning and many more. Being a proud software management service provider, our only aim is to reduce your overall production cost reduction and help you in risk management as well to provide you world-class safety standards for every fleet.

Benefits of Fleet Management.

Real-time communication

The entire group can team-up on fleet activities with limitless clients, adaptable authorizations, in addition to highlighting special case, if any.

Remote fleet management

Handle any fleet-related task or critical data anytime, anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps designed for busy, distributed fleets.

Automated workflows

Work with automated workflows to lessen manual work and achieve bigger targets in your operational works and processes.

Features Incorporated Fleet Management

Intelligent fleet management is what helps you differentiate your business from others. If you need to augment your range of offerings and scale up to the next level, our comprehensive web-based Fleet Management System (FMS) is what will help you get there.

  • automates tasks
  • streamlines associated processes
  • provides real-time insights for better management of both drivers and vehicles
  • connects vehicles
  • ensures smart transportation
  • enhances driver safety
  • guarantees consistent fleet performance
  • reduces costs
  • Routing
  • Fuel management
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Drivers management
  • Shipment management
  • Other...

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