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Laundry App Development

This very thought gave rise to on-demand laundry mobile app. So, if you are looking forward to building a dry cleaning mobile app or want to get a laundapp developed, we have got you covered here.

A Complete Solution with pickup and delivery

Technology has brought almost everything to your home, so why not laundry services? With on-demand laundry services getting attention these days, chances are that you are looking for a laundry app development company who can build an app for you to get closer to your audience. TechnoSapphire gives you a complete solution for all that you require in such apps, from pickup to delivery and everything in between.
Being a laundry enterprise who wants to build a customer base, it is important that you should have an app, especially an android and iOS app, as using mobile device apps will allow maximum reachability. At TechnoSapphire, our app development experts can help you customize cell apps for your laundry enterprise.

Laundry Business Segments

One-Tap Pickup Request

Provide your users with an app like Uber for laundry that places Laundry Pickup Request with just on-tap, a button placed on the home screen.

Split Payment

Users may split payments and pay individually. The on demand cleaning app supports ‘split payment’ between more than one person.


Users may schedule laundry pickup request for a later date with dry clean service mobile app. Highly useful if the user is not available at time.

Set Multiple Prices

Admin and laundry owners may set different prices for different clothes, bundle size, area of service and other criteria in wash and dry service app.


Users may track the location of pickup boy, and status of his bundle picked, received, washed or delivered in laundry washing service app.

Cost Calculator

Users may calculate the cost of laundry before placing the order. The same day laundry service app helps them select the best laundry service.

Grow Your Business With Our Laundry Software

On Demand Laundry & Dry Cleaning App Development. TechnoSapphire IT Solution is a reputed laundry app development company providing on-demand laundry mobile apps and same day laundry mobile app development for iPhone & Android.

Laundry Process Made Easy

The minimal and clean interface permit your users choose the custom designed options to region their order for washing. track a entire procedure on line from placing an order to getting it brought to clients’ doorsteps. manage a cozy fee via the app which made easy transactions.

  • Schedule Order Pickup
  • Choose different laundry options
  • Apply Coupon & Offer
  • Live Location Tracking
  • Flexible Payment
  • Review & Rating

Customized Delivery Executive App

The delivery app helps to connect executives to tune the pickup and shipping of each order. With the assist of the app, the delivery govt can manage to pick up the scheduled order and drop it at the washing hub and supply it to customers’ doorsteps through tracking the place on-line.

  • Manage order request
  • Live location tracking
  • Update Order Status
  • Manage Payment
  • Update delivery status
  • Help & Support

Management Hub For Your Laundry App

Our customized control portal helps to preserve and tune clients and managers. We offer a secure and at ease backend system to shop the facts and make on-line payments. With the help of the management portal, you could take control over the complete app and also able to track analytics and reports.

  • Manage Customers & Executive
  • Manage Payment Integration
  • Reports & Analytics

Features of On Demand Laundry Mobile app development

Providing the user’s options like scheduling the laundry services, this adds to their convenience and comfort. Will make all your data in the cloud and your customers will enjoy the business service providing as Laundry on demand service.

  • Admin Control
  • Sign up / registration
  • Tracking option
  • Integrated payment service
  • Customized as per customer requirements
  • More efficient turnkey
  • Scheduling the pickup and delivery
  • Automated fully
  • Technical support
  • Providing high engagement process
  • Feedback and review options
  • Best cloud data storage
  • From sign up to authentication everything is user-friendly
  • Notification options
  • Good User Interface
  • Use of high technology

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