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Real estate management is a complex, profoundly tweaked measure. As any director knows, each day is another experience, with new issues to deliver and inhabitant worries to shuffle, But custom administration programming simplifies it to keep everything running easily, computerizing the executives subtleties and causing the local area to feel like ah, back home again.

TechnoSapphire has built up a wide exhibit of ventures for the land business, to give some examples like ERP for Construction, Property Management, HOA Management Systems, Building Management Solution, Smart Home Solution, Real Estate Concierge, Real Estate Listing and CRM. Custom programming answers for handle organized or unstructured information to distinguish and grow new business openings. We help you find, decipher and impart significant and valuable examples in information and get rich representation of the subsequent experiences and reports.

Our Real Estate Segments

Home decisions, which were flat prior, have now been supplanted with vertical choices. Alongside this, the advanced way of living requires a ton of things from brilliant homes to shrewd towns.

Auction / Property Portals

We create highlight rich and simple to-utilize closeout/property entrances that empower search, analysis, book, and purchase/lease on the online.

Property Buy/Sell Portals

We construct an amazing property purchase/sell entry furnished with bleeding-edge apparatuses and innovations like AR, VR, and 3D.

Tenant Management Solutions

Deal with your occupants, rents, and arrangements easily with the assistance of a brought together, simple-to-utilize entrance.

Online Property Booking

Get an online property booking portal or mobile app equipped with advanced features and cutting-edge technology.

Features Incorporated

Many smaller companies cannot afford to build a custom real estate management system from scratch, and that’s okay. If that’s the case, you can still benefit from system customization.

  • Single-family residential
  • Multi-family residential
  • Condos and associations
  • Assisted living residential
  • Commercial real estate management
  • Construction and development
  • Property management
  • Property maintenance and inspection
  • Property acquisition
  • Property investment
  • Foreclosure management
  • Rental and leasing management
  • Payment solutions
  • Facility management
  • Marketing automation
  • Accounting and finance management
  • Back office process management
  • Custom reporting tools and analytics

Whether you’re processing rent and HOA dues or coordinating and paying vendors for their work, our accounting and CRM integration make bulk charges and payments simple to execute, record, and track.

Discussion forums, tenant mass communication tools, local business reviews. We can build the user-friendly features your system needs to make your properties feel like communities and your units feel like homes.

We have property management Web and Mobile Apps that help in monitoring, administration, and supervision of properties by facilitating task automation tools and multi-property management interfaces. We can custom solutions that provide access to leasing and property information and manage all activities related to the same, 24 hours a day. We customize fully expansive property management software modules that function on any device and operating system.

Challenges Affecting the Real Estate Sector

A real estate business involves numerous complex activities like property maintenance & renovation, property acquisition, tenant management, rent collection and more. Streamlining and efficiently managing such outstretched workflows remain a challenge within the industry.

With multiple parties involved in every single consignment, effective communication and collaboration become an imperative and eminent portion of the work process. Shortfalls might lead to major losses for real estate firms.

Rapid changes in the market and the growing popularity of online listing portals are crafting increased competition for real estate firms. In such scenarios, it is imperative for realtors to implement sustainable marketing techniques.

Be it algorithm updates, SEO practices, marketing automation or smart home technologies, digital innovation is playing a vital role among the millennial buyers. Property managers and agents of today are bound to adapt to these evolving tech trends.

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