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We make generous Learning Management Systems without any planning with common User Interfaces (UI) and productive User Experiences (UX), claim to fame development with open-source gadgets, or beginning to end custom courses of action. We make online LMS stages with neighborhood convenient applications using the contraption's common hardware to make united customer experiences across iOS and Android working systems. We in like manner give plans in Progressive Web Apps.

The goal of eLearning development services is creating eLearning solutions like LMS, LCMS, LXP and eLearning portals that help companies reduce learning costs, increase learning efficiency and engagement.
Since 2015, ScienceSoft has been building eLearning solutions that ensure efficient digital transformation of corporate learning processes resulting in a human capital ROI increase. Industry experts cite cost reduction, universal availability, greater flexibility, and improved information retention among the top reasons why organizations are increasingly preferring eLearning to the conventional teaching methods.

E Learning Solutions we cater to

We are assessed as one of the top eLearning headway associations in India making custom eLearning answers for attempts with the objective that the understudies can understand things in a more straightforward and faster way.

Online E-Learning Solutions

Feature-rich and wise online e-learning electronic interface improvement and arranging, we give you secure and simple to-utilize e-learning courses of action.

Remote Learning Websites

We combine various techniques and instruments like a live visit, video continuous, natural media, and others for improved customer experience and better toward the ocean learning.

Institute Management Software

In a rush understudy, instructive arrangement, interest, assets, account the board programming that licenses you to manage the world on the go.

SCORM / AICC Compliant Content Management

Content organization programming that provides you the workplaces to manage your substance in one go, with SCROM/AICC pleasant.

Web Applications / Portal

Elearning web application development to give you feature-rich elearning platform that are secure and built to provide you the edge of management.

Application Development and Maintenance

Stunning e-learning application headway allowing you to show up at your most potential customers on a natural and straightforward stage for more vital responsibility.

Mobile Learning Applications

Informational flexible application improvement allowing you to show up at customers on standard compact stages like android, iPhone, cross-stage.

Online Examination Portal

Feature-rich and secure e-learning electronic interfaces that go with online evaluation workplaces that allowing you to administer and execute tests on web and application stages.

Virtual Classroom Solutions

Virtual classroom solutions that give away your users class-room like experience. At CIS we make sure that your students are having a great learning experience while enjoying the same interactivity of the in-class education sessions.

eLearning Solutions

The experts at TechnoSapphire create strategies, identify solutions, build storyboards, develop industry-specific content by utilizing the latest information, trends & resources to deliver eLearning solutions.

Institute Management Solutions

Our stellar institute management solutions streamline & integrate various operations, process, information flow, etc. in the institute to synchronize their resources.

Virtual Classroom Solutions

With in-depth domain expertise, TechnoSapphire delivers virtual classroom solutions to help organizations deliver online lectures and tutorials anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Learning Applications

Learn anytime anywhere on the go with our responsive and adaptive mobile learning apps that offer various features like speech recognition, overwriting, self-evaluation & mbooks.

Features Incorporated

We have been providing custom eLearning services for over a decade and delivered dozens of edtech projects to Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, non‑profits, and startups around the world.

  • Learning management systems
  • Course management systems
  • E-learning applications
  • Admission management systems
  • Online assessment systems
  • Education application platforms
  • Student portals
  • Academic administration systems
  • Simulations and immersive learning
  • Learning analytics
  • Virtual teaching assistants

TechnoSapphire developers are highly experienced in integration with the best open source LMS like Moodle, Chamilo, etc. We also have experienced developers with complete customized solutions for e-learning, customized courses for instructor-led online courses, etc. Custom LMS Development, Integration and Implementation have helped in learning, productivity, and revenue. Our experienced developers can help you create a platform for Public K-12, Charter, Parochial, Private, College, University, Higher Education, Day Care Centers, Preschools to provide courses and learning paths that utilize video, audio, text and shared whiteboard. We develop a cloud-based system for users to engage anywhere, anytime.

We developed a cloud-based B2B solution for teachers, tutors, and schools to record behavioral patterns of children to facilitate character improvements. Schools and districts would subscribe and onboard educators, students, and their parents to collaborate together to input, monitor, track and plan ABC Model (Antecedent, Behaviour, Consequence) for kids. The application allows Teachers and Parents to assess a child’s behavioral pattern against the behavioral intervention plan. All ABC data (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence), as recorded by the parent/teacher is analyzed and converted into reports with visual charts and tables. The platform generates frequency and duration graphs against ABC trends instantly based on inputs.

TechnoSapphire has experience in developing platforms that would enable students to connect with tutors online and provide 1 on 1 online tutoring. We have API integration experience for automated background checks for Criminal Records, Sex Offender Registry and Federal Criminal Records of tutors. We provided the solution by doing API integration with a tool to provide video conferencing with shared whiteboards which are strictly private between student and tutor for the booked session only. We integrate with many payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, Quickbooks, Netevia, etc which allows users to add credit cards for payment and payout directly into their bank account. We develop cloud-based online tutoring solutions that enable users to search for tutors by their subject, location, gender preference, and availability on the calendar. We also do the integration with Twilio, Sendgrid for sending email and SMS alerts.

Challenges Affecting the Education Sector

Today’s education requires a modern approach to learning, taking full advantage of data, personalization, and mobile access to deliver knowledge and track progress through a comprehensive education system focused on their needs.

Technology is a more integral part of the classroom than ever, especially when it comes to keeping track of test scores, monitoring attendance, and administrative tasks. Both students and instructors require a technologically efficient approach to these components.

There has been an increased demand for smart content in the classroom, such as video conferencing, lectures, demos, and other interfaces that rely on AI, AR, VR, and other emerging technologies.

With increasing globalization in education, language barriers can present more of a problem than ever. However, technology can chip away at these barriers and allow learning to be more accessible for all students.

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