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Medical Shop Management

That allows the medical shop to make the whole billing process smooth and straightforward. It helps the medical shop owners in creating custom designs for thebills to help reflect the details in a simplified way.

Use a Billing Software for Medical Shop

Medical enterprises are one of the busiest places that involves lots of management and workflows. Be it the stocks and the inventory of sells or generating professional invoices, managing these manually isn’t easy. To simplify the workloads, medical shop management software can be of great help.
TechnoSapphire’s professionally built software gives you the all important GST info inside your invoice to create an expert bill for your clients. It helps quicken the overall process and hence saves the important time of the clients. You can also preserve complete information of transactions too, which are crucial being a scientific shop.

Features of Billing Software for Medical Shop

Paperless Billing

Using TechnoSapphire’s billing software, medical shop owners can easily generate e-payments and ship them to the clients instantly. Without using papers, the software makes the billing process seamless, as client too can directly make bills as per the invoice, saving the time of the customers and making the whole process extremely convenient.

Choose Invoice themes

Go custom with TechnoSapphire’s user-friendly app and do not just limit yourself to only a specific theme. Get as many invoice templates to choose from and customize them according to your brand requirements. If you want to amend some data fields to automate recurring calculations, you can choose to do so in order to generate automatic bills.

Low stock alerts

With just one click get real-time low stock alerts and don’t get short of medicines ever. TechnoSapphire gives you amazing app to check on the availability of medicines in the inventory. By enabling low stock signals, you can easily manage you stocks and provide a patient all the medicines at one time, especially those medicines that are more in demand.

Contact-Less Experience

Go contactless with TechnoSapphire —generate payments and get on with your promotions over WhatsApp. Your customers can pay bills using UPI codes available on the bill itself making the bill look extra professional. This also make a very good impression on your customers as they feel secured and cared for.

Organise Inventory

Organize your medical shop inventory in the simplest ways with TechnoSapphire’s app. Upload all the details, by just adding columns, about the products like batch numbers, expiry and manufacture date and MRP every time you bring new stocks to the store .

Track Items/Stock seamlessly

Use TechnoSapphire’s billing software to monitor and track your medicines. Eliminate the requirement of human brains to recollect which drugs you have got and which you need to buy next. The software can easily track your medicines with batch number and serial number which also gives you the idea of the inventories that are going to expire so that you can get rid of them on time.

Get timely alerts

Some drug treatments are extra in demand than others, and it could get complicated for a scientific keep to arrange an critical remedy if there is any put off in trackingthe low stock. In TechnoSapphire billing software, you get an choice to set minimum inventory quantity which you want to have before you vicinity a new order. So, on every occasion you exhausta unique remedy, you will understand nicely in time that you want to area an order or it's going to get out of inventory.

Various unit options

Whether you want to sell you medicine in entire packs or in parts, TechnoSapphire’s billing software program can give you options to set the units you want. You can manage them as primary units or secondary units for each. For instance, in a pack/strip of 10 tablets you can set the primary unit as “Pac” or “Strip” and secondary unit as “Tabs”, which makes it an easier conversion i.e. 1 Pac/Strip = 10 Tabs.

Paperless Billing

TechnoSapphire permits medical shop owners to generate e-payments and ship them to the clients immediately without requiring them to print on papers. It makes the billing manner seamless, and the recipient client can make bills directly through the info referred to inside the invoice. It allows save the time of the customers and make the system extra convenient in cases of emergencies.

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