Software Development

Let our software development experts build your next, exclusive web and mobile apps. We ensure you get rewarding user experience with our array of tools and frameworks.


Technology Consulting

Startups or Enterprises, we help manage and implement technology solutions for you. Now develop and expand your ideas to fruition through our External CTO services.


Dedicated Teams

Want your web and mobile apps to be user-friendly and scalable? We offer teams exclusively for you who use cutting-edge technology to keep you ahead always.


Our Development Services

TechnoSapphire helps businesses across industries become efficient and strong through high-quality, reliable software solutions. Our client-oriented approach motivates us to give our customers a competitive edge.

Custom Software Development

Custom-built software developed by our company helps you achieve organizational goals by streamlining business processes and workflows. It allows you to focus on other aspects of what’s important for your business — market development and strategic initiatives. In today’s competitive business environment, we provide you the most relevant solutions that define your business. Our team of experts performs not just technical analysis but looks for other feasibility options to offer you an all-encompassing, unmatched service. Using cutting-edge technology, we develop top-notch applications for our esteemed clients around the globe.

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Website Design & Development

Equipped with an array of tech stacks, we are a proud Microsoft Gold Partner and our team works closely with our clients to give a comprehensive solution for all the web application requirements. While we use browser-based technology such as .NET Core, HTML5 and C# programming, the team is also cognizant of specific platforms like SQL Server, Microsoft Azure and Web APIs. Our capabilities also cover JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js, React and Angular to give your website amazing interactivity. Right from the inception to creating a prototype and finally delivering the finished product, we keep you along the way to give you what you want and the way you want.

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Mobile App Devlopment

We fall in love with your idea and that is why our creative team of mobile applications developers delivers a product that not only is eye-catching but fulfils your objective too - retaining users. We only launch the application onto Play store and App Store or both once we cater the best for all your specifications and functionalities. We also provide services related to User Guides, Installation Guides and Test Cases for you and for the ease of users.

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IOT Based Development

From strategy to control, monitor and optimize operations to implementing internet-of-things (IoT) into infrastructure, we help businesses unlock their infinite hidden possibilities of IoT. We have gained unparalleled technical expertise, so be it any industry vertical or business process, as an IoT company, we deliver world class development services that meet the goals and requirements of your business. If you want to deploy cloud-based IoT data management solutions, the team at TechnoSapphire can help develop one that is scalable.

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Digital Marketing

Online marketing when coupled with SEO integration makes your marketing strategy complete. TechnoSapphire offers digital media marketing services that are unmatched and cover more than 50 social media platforms to enhance your reach worldwide. With our digital marketing solutions, no market is unreachable, no target is insurmountable. Plan your creative ways of advertising and we will also provide invaluable insights as a digital services consultant company. We help you filter out the best to create a customer marketing strategy to help you generate leads, build brand awareness and drive web traffic.

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E-Commerce Development

We understand how important users’ trust is when it comes to transacting through an ecommerce website. Our professionals make sure that our clients get not only a user-friendly website but it looks professional too from every aspect. Be it easy-to-use checkout option or a search engine optimized code and layout, trending functionalities like Chatbots, engaging UX or Storefronts, our experts are committed to developing quality ecommerce websites. Working with the best in the industry, our professionals have got experience in several CMSs like WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, OpenCart and Drupal. We, at TechnoSapphire, have developed and rendered thousands of Business-oriented E-Commerce Solutions gaining a position of a renowned E-Commerce Web Development in the industry.

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Property Rental Website Development

When dealing with estates, new issues to address and juggling from one perspective to another is common. TechnoSapphire takes off that load and provides a hassle-free property rental website development solution that is customizable, scalable and fully automated. We manage your process in such a way that you can easily integrate that with third-party solutions, if need be. With us, you are in command, always.

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India's Most Trusted Software Development Company Since 2010

TechnoSapphire’s custom services are geared to deliver robust, reliable and effective solutions. Our core values are truthfulness, transparency in pricing and singular approach.


For the past 10 years we have been outsourcing IT services worldwide. Our knowledge of the business domain, grasp over the proven methodologies and highly skilled software professionals add value to your business.

Whether you are a Startup looking for a comprehensive website development or as an Enterprises looking for specific products, to everything in between, we cater our services to all kinds of diverse technological requirements.

We are one of the trusted, professional software development companies in India that offer relevant, cost-effective and professional solutions for all your IT needs.

  • 4,200 + Projects Launched
  • 2,500+ Satisfied Customers
  • 2,000+ Man Years Exp
  • 97%+ Client Retention

Technologies & Frameworks Our Developers Skilled In

As an Indian offshore software development company, we offer dedicated developer teams who hold expertise in all the latest technologies. Our developers build secure & scalable software using your preferred technology stack.

Our Products

As a best-in-class software outsourcing company in India , we offer software development services for various industries across the globe. Our solutions yield benefit in Internet-facing, collaborative and professional environments with a focus on optimization and expansion no matter the industry they operate in.


Manufacturing ERP

Presence of a single and unified database system is crucial for manufacturers irrespective of size, scope and business objectives. Properly drafted and formulated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) Software can effectively change the outlook of any organization in this regard.

Whether it be multi-level bill of materials, costing or supply chain forecasting, New Horizon by TechnoSapphire, a state-of-the-art resource planning solution for manufacturers, built by industry professionals, helps in streamlining various functions of any organization as a whole. The new ERP software is primarily a cloud-based production planning machine that is tool impartial, OS-agnostic and enables your SME setups to be scalable and work at their optimal business operations.

Integrate and automate New Horizon from TechnoSapphire—one of the first-rate ERP companies in India—as an on-premise answer for your business processes. Get it on perpetual user license version. Additional licenses are made taking into account your wishes and requirements.

Pharmaceutical ERP

Frequent and stringent regulatory changes, discerning customer base and fickle market trends are some of the reasons why Pharmaceutical setups require ERP solutions that can maximize the efficiency without increasing the cost.
Distribution management for manufacturers for tracking, document management for statutory compliance and audit, material and inventory management for tracking of material usage and control over waste — all of these demand a potent ERP solution that can meet varied pharmaceutical requirements and boost the ROI simultaneously.
Collaborate with TechnoSapphire’s low-cost Pharmaceutical ERP solutions and put an end to your search for individual modules that works for you in the way you want it to work. Relaxing. Isn’t it?

Banking & Finance

Sale & Services CRM

Delays and disappoints, facing daily challenges and still ready to face the roller-coaster of sale and services — yes, this is only possible due to the cognitive engines built as ERPs bringing together all that is required. Sales enquiry, quotations, follow-ups and invoice for multiple branches and what not.
Or do you require automated service contracts and reminders for AMC follow-ups for multiple branches? You name it and ERP does it for you.
Use TechnoSapphire’s custom ERP solutions to collect, store, control, and interpret data from their numerous business activities, including product planning, purchase, manufacturing, sales and/or products and service delivery.

Medical Shop Management

Medical enterprises are one of the busiest places that involves lots of management and workflows. Be it the stocks and the inventory of sells or generating professional invoices, managing these manually isn’t easy. To simplify the workloads, medical shop management software can be of great help.

TechnoSapphire’s professionally built software gives you the all important GST info inside your invoice to create an expert bill for your clients. It helps quicken the overall process and hence saves the important time of the clients. You can also preserve complete information of transactions too, which are crucial being a scientific shop.

Travel & Tourism

School Management

Imagine a user-friendly dashboard that gives you login access for teachers, students, non-teaching staff, parents and management personnel — great, isn’t it? Having a custom ERP module facilitates all the processes of your institution, right from the admission of new students to generating transfer certificates and everything in between.

School ERP solutions can on one hand create effective and convenient Timetable, Attendance Reports, Examinations Schedules, School Calendar for Sports Events and on the other hand can manage Gradebooks, Campus News, Hostel and Library Inventories, Transportation Details. In addition, it allows schools to create a Human Resource module to manage the payroll and employees’ pay slips. If you want a custom-built fee structure, the finance module helps you to allot that to students.

Education & E-Learning

E-Learning Management

Technology has created a huge impact not only to increase the comfort level of human beings but in the way we conduct our daily works - education is one such area which has got a boost enormously.
Take the example of Learning Management Systems (LMSs). It gives the instructors a platform where they can replicate a classroom like environment for the students.

Using LMS, educators can now manage course works online including lesson content, assignments, and assessments. It helps institutions to streamline the conduct of online learning allowing for a more comprehensive and accessible study experience for students. Instructors can now share and upload multimedia files, can distribute assignments to students at just one click.
What’s interesting is that quizzes and tests can also be made quite easily with the aid of an LMS. TechnoSapphire can help you construct that easy-to-use online platform for your students and instructors.

Retail & Ecommerce

Fleet Management

Success of corporations is greatly determined by the efficient management of its logistics. Fleet (vehicle) management is one of the most crucial aspects in that.
To achieve better results for your logistics, TechnoSapphire’s Logistics Software offers Fleet Management with an array of functionalities such as vehicle maintenance, fuel and driver management and route and asset planning and many more.

Being a proud software management service provider, our only aim is to reduce your overall production cost reduction and help you in risk management as well to provide you world-class safety standards for every fleet.

Education & E-Learning

Packers & Movers Management

As government’s recent initiatives have made these small-sized businesses more organized by making registration mandatory, we make sure we contribute our best to help them improve their services and experience.
While packers and movers make your life easier by effectively planning and organizing your shifting, TechnoSapphire helps Packers and movers organize their presence by giving them a centralized and integrated system. This helps them be recognized by the customers as reputed and trustworthy.

TechnoSapphire delivers high-performing and cost-effective software development solutions. Get the best offer now for a secure, scalable ERP.

Travel Management

Planning a tour is perhaps more tedious than travelling itself. Thanks to the organizations who help you plan your travel, including logistics, as per their client’s requirements.
Be it Hotel Reservation or comprehensive Distribution System, TechnoSapphire offers one of the best Online Travel Management System which has a complete Travel Management System that is easy to use.

From travel planner, administrator portal, integration with online booking technology, back-office support to everything you would need for an all-encompassing end-to-end solution, TechnoSapphire is proud to provide you all these at affordable prices.

Work Order Management

There is nothing like real-time tracking of all kinds of work orders, especially for big organizations.
TechnoSapphire can help you get a centralized work order management system for a seamless conduct of all kinds of processes and workflows.

Organize your data in a way that the management team can run reports and make invaluable decisions. After all there is no point sorting out redundant tasks, leave that to us and our software will help you in efficiently managing your work orders, from assigning tasks to tracking and recording it. Be ahead always in time from beginning to end.

Vaccation Rental Management

How about a software that is specially programmed for your vacation rental management that is affordable? Rewarding, isn’t it? Our all-in-one vacation home control software program takes care of your bookings, occupancy keeping in mind your choices and preferences.

TechnoSapphire’s software helps you connect with thousands of travel agents to make your planning a truly personalized one to make you feel safe and comfortable, be it your check-ins or handovers. We can also make your job easier by controlling your invoices and payments by making them secure, which you can also upgrade as per your requirements. What are you then waiting for?

We Serve Industry

As an industry-leading software outsourcing company in India, we offer services across industries - from healthcare to construction, education and travel and what not. Our superior solutions help businesses optimize and expand to their potential and beyond, irrespective of the industry they operate in.

Our Work Portfolio

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