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IOT Solutions

TechnoSapphire Internet of Things (IOT) Intelligent Applications Cloud can provide you with more visibility, insights and efficiencies by capturing sensor data from connected devices using smart manufacturing, connected assets, connected logistics, workplace safety, and connected customer experience.

Is the Internet of Things Always Online?

Get rid of the old, traditional way of business models. It is time to look for options that can integrate your ideas with pragmatic IoT solutions. We will start helping you transform. Are you ready?
Struggling to keep up the pace with technological advancement? Get a custom IoT solution. There is an ever-growing requirement of the Internet of Things (IoT) with the growing number of devices. Because interconnectedness will require collecting data and analysing it to generate fresh insights. TechnoSapphire transforms your business with quality IT infrastructure with IoT. Increase your efficiency by getting unified functionalities and supporting services and explore the untapped world of connected devices.

IOT Capabilities


We specialize in digital transformation, including sourcing advisory, for smart manufacturing adoptions and trends, and insights into the marketplace.


We offer seamlessly smart solutions to integrate the physical with the digital. We create new connected merchandise and renew standalone products to help you achieve extra.

Development & Testing

From usability, compatibility to security and performance, we offer frameworks for improvement (UX/UI and 3rd party machine integration) in addition to User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Operations & Support (DevOps)

We help companies control and hold services across the IoT stack via our IoT answers.

Building an IOT Ecosystem

Sensors & Actuators

Sensors gather data from the environment; actuators turn things on or off or set values.

Edge & Gateways

Converts and transfers sensor data between layers and through networks such as 3G, LAN, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN etc. Handle data on different volume, velocity & variety scale.

Cloud & Analytics

Analyses, stores, and processes large data sets. Might use databases, cloud computing to generate Insights.

User Experience

Builds great experience through Web, Mobility & AR/VR & to provides application specific services to user.

Business Applications

Manages the entire IoT system, its functionality, applications, and business models.

IoT Accelerators

we have built accelerators mapped with ISA 95 standards to allow us to craft our customer’s IoT driven virtual transformation journey in a timely and efficient way.


MFGSuite accelerator is for IoT enabled enterprise applications which can be built on Cloud with a with no trouble available framework for production.


Solar digital dual and IoT enabled performance intelligence & health analytics app to be had for the renewable enterprise to streamline O&M, benchmark asset portfolio and boom efficiency.


PraEdge is meant for amassing information from diverse business systems, combination it, examine it and join it to cloud systems. PraEdge is used for building IoT Apps on side.


PraGate is an commercial grade, multi-purpose and cross industry IoT Gateway that offers records logging, facet computing and a simplified integration with cloud primarily based IoT platforms.

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