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Food Delivery

it is time to get your personal food transport app and offer your customers with amazing food alternatives. TechnoSapphire being a top meals transport app development organization is equipped that will help you with on demand meals delivery app improvement to be able to result in an app which can join hungry customers to enterprise-equipped eating places.

If you truly want a streamlined, optimized food delivery business, you need to harness the power of technology to achieve more than you could expect. Serve your customers with better food alternatives. TechnoSapphire will create your on-demand meal delivery app to help hungry customers join you. It's time to think of your legacy. Isn't it?
There is nothing like dine-in in the comfort of your home.
While you think to deliver the best food to your customers, we will deliver your on-demand food delivery app. You take care of your customer's convenience and we help materialize your concept. TechnoSapphire is one of the most advanced food delivery app solution and development providers to businesses. We offer customised on-call food shipping apps that take care of all the options a user wishes to have.

Most Preferred Food Delivery Software

Online / Offline Mode

We make everything easy for delivery executives so they can get around easily. A delivery person can connect or disconnect at any time and can also cancel trips if necessary.

Orders Management

We save your time by immediately reporting orders to restaurants. The administrator provides control of the restaurant on availability, preparation time and to accept an order.

Trip Management

We save time by immediately notifying deliveries to delivery to nearby locations. A delivery person has control over their availability and therefore accepts or rejects a trip.

Business Segments

Our appointment scheduling solution can serve almost any food delivery segment. Here are some business segments benefitting from our software solutions:

Food Delivery Startups

Our online food ordering software cater startups who specialize in food delivery management.

Single Restaurants

Our online food ordering software help restaurants manage their online orders.

Restaurants Chains

Our solution helps restaurant chains in managing online orders and delivery.

QSR/ Fast Casual

We help quick service restaurants and fast food centers manage their businesses better.

Single Chefs

Be it chefs fulfilling orders from home or delivering food to multiple vendors, we can help.

Restaurant Aggregators

Our food delivery solution helps aggregators to receive orders and deliver it from restaurants.

Versatile, Seamless & Easy To Manage

Experience the full line of features in your food ordering app that is specifically designed for your business needs. Our food delivery software offers features like:

Easy Ordering

Select the dishes to order, set the desired amount, select or set the transport cope with and make the payment. it is that simple

  • Real-time order tracking
  • Easy payment options
  • Rating and reviews
In-app Search Options

Viewing nearby restaurants, menus and dishes based on current GPS location or providing any other location.

  • Search restaurants or dishes
  • Advanced filter options
  • Delivery and order details
Admin Dashboard

Admins can view and manage customers, restaurants and delivery executives using the admin dashboard.

  • Easy and fast registration system
  • Promotional emails and SMS
  • Menus and promo code management

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